Void News Sept 2015

The library extends for miles, under the ground.

Key : Murmuration 1 - Dismantle  - Now Available - Digital/Physical

Key hits the sonic zone hard this fall with the first installation of her three parter ‘Murmuration’.  Dismantle, the entry point for this series of long form 20 minute works, winds a vocal surf under tonal modulations the kindred of nascent lifeforms.  This is a sonic journey, demanding to be heeded and explored, rather than merely auditioned.  A metaphysical space forming endeavor in the audio domain, this Murmuration comes easy as adigital file, but also stakes its claim to the material through a limited edition printed artwork poster.   Each in the series will do the same.  Experience the opening movement now, and intake the unfolding of a stellar release series from this rising artist.


Delien : Identity Annex - Coming Soon - Cassette Tape - DI001/void015

A rigorous creed of human-machine interface and collective expression has always guided Detroit’s Delien.  With over ten years of activity, this two man duo haunts our memories as a cyborg presence at otherwise bearded noise shows while today they churn the long game basis for the Detroit Industrial crew.  What we have here is an annex, an additional entry in the assembly of an identify, 4 tracks rendered to tape, demarcating an unbroken timeline.  Raw industrial, take in an earful: